A Man’s Best Friend




For this week’s nature them, I have decided to focus on the man’s best friend: a dog. Dogs are the most popular pet in the USA, and they may be one of the most popular animals in general. Over 54 million United States homes (44%) own at least one dog which is by far the most out of any other animal. They may be a pain to take care of, but the benefits of having a dog out shadow the negativities. For example, walking a dog every day and playing around with a dog is good exercise for humans, and feeding the dog every day teaches humans how to take responsibility. The two most interesting facts about dogs, though, are they can sense things before it happens, and they can sense certain qualities in humans.

First, dogs can sense natural disasters, illnesses, seizures, and labor before they happen. Before an earthquake or a storm, a dog might try to warn their owner of the future happenings, for they can sense when either one is going to occur. In addition, a man’s best friend can tell when someone is sick, including if they have cancer. Furthermore, dogs can sense seizures before they happen, and people may be able to get help quicker thanks to the warning of their dog. Finally, when a pregnant woman is about to go into labor, a dog will give a warning, for they can sense what is about to happen. All in all, with their ability to sense incoming dangers, dogs possibly save thousands of lives a year.

Next, some incredible things a dog can sense is a person’s emotions, inequality, a sickness, and a person’s trustworthiness. If a person is feeling happy, sad, or angry, a dog can sense one’s emotions, and they take whatever course a action necessary to be able to get someone to play with them. In addition, dogs can sense when someone or something is being segregated against, such as being left out of an activity. The animal will either not pay attention to the excluders or try to comfort the excludees. Furthermore, when someone is sick, a dog can sense it, and they try to comfort the sickling as much as possible. Lastly, a great thing a dog can sense is a person’s trustworthiness. Even an obedient pooch will not take orders from someone who they sense as untrustworthy. To summarize, a dog’s ability to sense what is going on in the human body is truly mind boggling.




The All Too Popular Oreo Cookie





Possibly the most popular unhealthy snack food in the United States today is the Oreo cookie. In 1912, Nabisco had an idea for an entirely new cookie that would consist of a creamy, tasty filling encased by two chocolate flavored wafer disks. Nobody really knows how the cookie got its name, so Nabisco just lets the flavor and addictiveness speak for itself. Until 1975, the same generic Oreo was manufactured and sold in stores all across America. Then, in an attempt to further increase their cookie sales, Nabisco started making different variations of the Oreo beginning with the DOUBLE STUF. Since then, the cookie has seen Halloween fillings, Christmas fillings, and fudge coverings just to name a few. All in all, since its creation in 1912, the Oreo cookie has filled thousands of stomachs throughout America.

Comments Around the World

I first went to Daisy’s blog in China and her post about dumplings.

I commneted, “What is your favorite meat to put into a dumpling? Mine is chicken!

Then I went over to Mary-Ellen’s post about Aussie foods.

I asked, “What ingredients go into vegemite because I have never tried it?

Next, I visited Tyler’s post about pizza and questioned, “What is your favorite kind if pizza? Mine is the original cheese.

After that, I went over to Paul’s post about school lunches and asked, “Do you drink soda on the weekends?”

Finally, I asked Jennifer from Vietnam, “What is the most popular meat to put in pho?”

My School Lunches



At my school, some of our school lunches include Pick Up Stix, Subway, and Fresh Brothers (a pizza joint). Pick Up Stix delivers many orders of their kid’s meals that consist of orange chicken and rice to our school. This food tastes very good after waiting a few hours from the time school begins until lunch starts. Another lunch at our school includes Subway. The sandwich shop delivers some different sandwiches that include turkey, tuna, and spicy Italian. Finally, a pizza place called Fresh Brothers delivers mini personal pizzas to our school for children to eat. Each and every lunch that we have at school is delicious, and I enjoy them very much.

Week 3 Activity 4

The widget that I chose to add to my sidebar is the calendar widget. The reason I chose this particular widget is because it allows for other people to easily access the most recent posts, and I will always be able to find older posts. I believe that it is very important to keep track of everything that I ever put on the internet, so that is why I selected the calendar widget to keep track of all of my posts.


Through the third week of the blogging challenge, I have learned that images add depth and understanding to a post, but I also must be careful about which images I select. If I was to post an image that might put my family’s safety or identity in danger, that would not be a good situation. However, incorporating images into my blog will add some visual that gives the reader an idea of what I am writing about. All in all, images are an essential part to the meaning of a blog, but I must be very careful about the type of media that I post.

Native Language



My native language is English, and my favorite thing(s) in all of the world are sports. Although the only sport I play is baseball, I follow and connect with many more. For example, when I want to get outside and just move around, the sport of my choosing is usually basketball. However, if I want to sit lazily on the couch and watch a specific sport, my favorite choice by far would be football. My brother plays soccer, so I practice that sport with him a ton, and I have a couple of friends who take volleyball very seriously. Out of every single sport I have mentioned so far (except volleyball), I could probably say which teams are in first place and which teams are not very good. All in all, sports are my favorite activities to watch, play, and follow.



Week 4 Activity 1

In order to decorate my blog in the Halloween spirit, I first went to Pixabay to get my custom header. I selected a jack o lantern because Halloween just isn’t the same without pumpkins carved into different faces. For my next decoration, I went over to FG.A.com to find a custom background. I didn’t want to have a pumpkin header and a pumpkin background, so I chose a haunted house with a bat flying around it. To me, Halloween is all about the spooks, scares, and fun, so I figured that a haunted house was the best way to represent that.